Member dominating Facebook page: What would you do?

A new mini case study, brought to you by Colleen Young . A while back, a fellow community manager sent me this query. Lately 2 people having been posting on our Facebook page (for people with cancer), claiming that their product cures cancer. They have started threads about it, they’ve replied on unrelated threads, telling [...]

Suicide & facebook: What would you do?

A colleague from another hospital sent me an interesting case study to share on the blog. Recently, the hospital posted an article on its Facebook page about mental health. In response to the article, a man responded saying he could not wait to die and he hoped he would die soon. When you looked at [...]

Introducing new SMiCH content & editor

“Social media is just a bunch of strangers talking to each other.” I frequently hear that criticism from social media skeptics.  But I prefer to think of social media not as talking to a bunch of strangers — but to a great bunch of people that I just don’t know yet.  Like Dave Bourne. Dave [...]

Social media guidelines for professional practices

KM8WESMNNNG Earlier this month the Canadian Medical Association announced it was working on a set of social media guidelines for Canadian doctors. It seems like a good time to share the start of my research on how other professional practices are dealing with this issue. Obviously I’ve focused on Ontario colleges. But if you have [...]

Get out from behind the stacks: sharing health information with online communities

Today I’m excited to present a guest post from Colleen Young, founder of the #hcsmca community and plain language health writer.  =================== Medical librarians often play a key role in the patient information continuum, and yet they remain “unsung”. Kathy Kastner and I are confident social networking can help change that. So when we were invited to present [...]

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